Bitcoin Education

KryptoKidz is an organization that offers bitcoin-focused educational services to all skill levels, ages and demographics. We understand everyone learns differently and at their own pace, therefore we provide tailored information that suits your needs. There is a lot of information about bitcoin and it can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start, and what to focus on. We have been involved since 2013, and understand all the concepts involved with bitcoin the currency and Bitcoin the network.

Our passion is finding a way to make it easy for you to catch up!



1-on-1 Consultations

Since we understand everyone is unique, first we listen to your needs, then figure out together the best way to move forward. Choose one session to help get you on the right path with tailored learning material, or choose multiple sessions to help you fully understand a certain subject (i.e. how to self-custody your keys, how and which bitcoin wallets to use, Be Your Own Bank by setting up and building from scratch a bitcoin node, choosing a cold storage method, setting up a multisig quorum , etc.) in depth.

Group Talks

Check out our YouTube channel to see past public events we have provided around the GTA. As mentioned, we cater to all skill levels, ages and demographics. We can provide our own content (i.e. History of Money, What is Bitcoin?, etc.), or you can ask for a specific topic to be covered (i.e. Self-Custody your BTC, Bitcoin vs Other Cryptos, Bitcoin Security, Bitcoin Privacy, etc.) in detail.

Continuing Education

An ongoing benefit of being part of the KryptoKidz community is that we have many fantastic resources and connections within the industry. You can learn at your own pace and there is a path for everyone to take since there is so much information already shared online. We have experience with all concepts of bitcoin and it’s network, so rest assured you will get results. All the signal, no noise.

What our clients say

I appreciate your wonderful guidance and for all the information you provided me with!

― Joanna

Thanks for all your help in getting me setup with a full node. It’s going to be a tremendous learning opportunity. 😁

― Jeremy

Self-custody your bitcoin today!

Our Experience


Since we started Meetups in 2015 and then worked for various bitcoin companies we’ve helped thousands of users.


We guarantee 100% commitment to your journey on becoming a self-sovereign individual!


Year after year, since 2013 we have been immersed in the space and only seek to grow our knowledge and connection base as we learn more everyday and find ways to collaborate with others.

Still not Satisfied?

Why not set up a FREE assessment to see how we can meet your needs?

We will go through the finer details of what got you interested in bitcoin, as well as what you would like to learn, and how we can help you get there in the most efficient and effective way possible. Since it’s free it will be via online communication only, over time.

Simply click the button below and choose a preferred method to get in touch with us!

About Us

We call ourselves KryptoKidz because our goal is to provide bitcoin education to youth for free, so they can in turn offer various bitcoin educational services to others in their own unique way. That being said, we are open to all as a way of raising resources to help make that happen.

Currently our learning environment is online, but we welcome partnerships, collaborations, and donations to help make physical locations an option across Canada – maybe even internationally!

Our Meetups

Since 2015 we have been hosting bitcoin Meetups. First in Brampton, then in Toronto and more recently Barrie. They have always been free, and to provide general information to anyone interested.

To learn more about us and our history, feel free to check out our social media links to see how we have connected with others locally and online in the past, as well as how we stay in touch today.