The intention of these Bitcoin Meetups is to form a community in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), and eventually globally, that helps increase Bitcoin user adoption through education and collaboration.

The end goal is to form a Decentralized Autonomous Organization where we have a distributed community that offers services to help educate people about anything related to Bitcoin (history of Bitcoin, who made it, what it is, why it’s so important, how to use it, how to use it safely and securely, how to invest, merchant integration, current trends, etc).

Feel free to attend these Meetups to ask any questions you need answered:

If you’d like current info on Bitcoin and news about any upcoming Meetup events, you can follow our Twitter feed (@kryptokidz_ , @bitcointoronto_).

To get a an idea of some of our intentions with this group check out our YouTube channel below. Our most notable events have been being part of a Global Bitcoin Meetup with 3 other cities and timezones, as well as hosting Toronto-native bitcoin developer Peter Todd:

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